A Guide to Buying a Modern Computer Mouse

The modern computer mouse is a long way away from the old-fashioned, heavy, trackball stuffed juggernauts of old. They’re sleek, modern, wireless and multifunctional, and above all they’re incredibly useful. Needless to say, it’s a critical piece of equipment that almost every computer needs. However, there are a lot of them on the market and it can be tough trying to choose the right one. Today, we’re going to take a look at how to choose the perfect mouse.

Pick the right features

The first thing to consider is which features you’d like your mouse to have. Modern mice have a host of potential features to look at. These include wireless, Bluetooth, gaming and even specialist models designed to suit specific tasks such as programming or production. The best way to decide is to simply work out which task you’re going to be doing the most and which features it’ll need. If you’re simply going to point and click then the chances are a normal model will be more than sufficient!

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How will it connect?

Most modern mice have two main types of connections: wired and wireless. Typically, wireless models will usually connect using one of the computer’s USB ports. However, on some occasions mice may connect using Bluetooth. If the computer isn’t Bluetooth compatible, the connection will be made using either a radio frequency or an infrared interface. USB mice using infrared or radio frequency will usually run off batteries that’ll need to be changed around every 60 days or so. Wired mice are seen by many people as being a thing of the past, but they never run out of batteries and never lose signal, so there’s definitely a plus point to them!

Are you a gamer?

If you’re a gaming fan, then you’ll probably find that a Bluetooth connecting mouse is the best way to go. The connection is considered to be the strongest on the wireless market, which is what you want when playing an eight hour Halo marathon. The last thing you want is to be losing your connection halfway through!

Buttons and wheels

The layout of mice can vary quite substantially. There are still basic models out there that rely solely on a right and left button. Wheels are ideal if you do a lot of scrolling. It’s now possible to find mice that have specific extra buttons designed for carrying out certain tasks. Many modern mice, for instance, include forward and back buttons designed for faster web browsing. Gaming mice will often have a number of different features designed to quickly access in-game functions that would otherwise require the pressing of a more complicated keyboard combination.

Get one that’s comfortable

The key is, of course, to get a mouse that’s comfortable. This is especially the case if you’re planning to use it for several hours a day. Fortunately, most modern tech stores will have a number of mice laid out on display so that you can check them all out for comfort and ease-of-use. Remember, there’s nothing stopping you trying them out in the store and then going home and buying the right mouse online to save yourself some money!

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